Traveling to Bangsaen near the city, there is something more interesting

Traveling to Bangsaen near the city, there is something more interesting usa to thailand flights A travel destination that meets the needs of travellers, going to the beach, never bored, a small town with beautiful Gulf of Thailand beaches in Thailand, a place to visit in Bangsaen Chonburi is a tourist attraction near Bangkok. want to tell nice people and Bangsaen attractions That is simple and beautiful, including beach front, temples, restaurants, cafes, and accommodation with a sea view of Chonburi, can travel, relax, have a million views

It is a holiday trip that is very worthwhile, traveling to Bangsaen, a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Experience simple travel with Bangsaen places to visit with beaches, the Gulf of Thailand, beautiful clear water beach accommodation The view of coconut trees lined along the beach near Bang Saray accommodation has activities that meet the needs of travelers without being bored. Chonburi Province One of the places that should not be missed, Bangsaen Beach and other places

When you come to Bangsaen, you have to go to Bangsaen beach. If driving from the road down to the beach See a roundabout and turn right. will find Bangsaen beach The cool breeze blows, canvas chairs, beach umbrellas can swim. There are many activities to do, swimming, flying kites, sitting on banana boats, donuts, riding jet skis, there is a tube to rent, children can play in the water comfortably. There are a lot of shops Sit and eat seafood, papaya salad, grilled chicken with friends or family. Who wants to change the atmosphere? change to eat Driving to Bang Saen is very good.

Another beach on Bangsaen Sai 1 Road, adjacent to Bangsaen Beach. If driving from the road down to Bang Saen Beach At the roundabout, turn left. You will find Wonnapha Beach. The beach has a good atmosphere, quiet, not crowded. Suitable for people who do not like chaos, there is a way to the beach, able to swim. watch the sunset picnic on top There is a rental service for mats, umbrella rentals, and lots of shops. Both food and drinks, papaya salad, grilled chicken, fried meatballs, food to order, restaurant, cafe, pickled fish pork, very cool

A stylish cafe next to Wonnapha Beach on Bangsaen Sai 1 Road. If driving from Bangsaen roundabout, turn left and keep driving, you will see a white, minimal building with a large glass window in front. can see the sea The side of the shop is decorated with bamboo. stretched with a net There are green succulent plants. that fit together very well open the door The shop will come in a white-blue tone, feeling the sea. Meet the counter. There are two floors. The top can go up to take pictures The seats are both indoor, air-conditioned and outdoor in the garden, while the home zone is open for sitting only on Saturday-Sunday. Drinks and desserts, recommended menus: Coffee (specially roasted coffee beans), Artory in Love, Won on Cloud Beach, Rose Milk, Japanese Timber Cake, Butterfly Pea Coconut Cake Anyone who hasn’t been there must try it, plus the photo corner is very good. Open for service Tuesday – Friday from 10.30 – 19.00, Saturday – Sunday from 09.00 – 19.00, closed on Mondays.